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ECDs are required to submit their Annual Certification no later than January 31st.  You can access the form and a webinar discussing it here.

Annual Reporting Requirements For Communication Districts

1.   Each Communication District shall submit annually on a cash basis, in a format prescribed by the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, all information required by Act Number 2012-293, Acts of Alabama:

a.  911 rates in effect for residence telephone service and for business telephone service in the communications district for each fiscal year.

b.  911 revenues collected by the communications district by month for each fiscal year.

c.  The amount of any funding provided to the communications district by a county or municipality in which the communications district resides by month for each fiscal year.

d.  The amount of revenues received by the communications district from the Commercial Mobile Radio Service Emergency Telephone Services Board by month for each fiscal year.

e.  The amount of any direct grants from federal or state government and any state matches for federal, state, local, or private grants for each fiscal year.

f.   Gifts or other amounts not otherwise reported in this section.

g.  Amounts held in any savings or investment accounts or reserve or escrow accounts by fiscal year.

h.  Each district shall identify and specify in detail how the 911 funds received by each district were spent in each fiscal year.

i.   Monthly charges paid to each telecommunications service provider for both data base and network charges.

2.   All required information should be recorded in the spreadsheet which is to be obtained from the Department’s website:

3.   The completed spreadsheet should be emailed to the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts using the following email address:  mailto:911Districts[at]examiners.alabama[dot]gov

4.   The required information is to be submitted to the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts no later than November 30th, following the end of each fiscal year.

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