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The slides with links to supporting documents are below. If you have questions, please call the office at (334)440-7911.

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The staff of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board is sincerely grateful for all of the interest in our education sessions during the 29th Annual Gulf Coast 9-1-1 Conference in Orange Beach this past week.  We hope you were able to learn a lot about the recent activity of our office around the state.  Below are all of the presentations in PDF format, as well as the PSAP Test Call and Monthly MEVO Testing Guides.  Please share all of this information with those in your organization that were not able to attend these sessions.  We thank you for the feedback we received in person during the conference and invite you all to reach out to us with any questions or comments in the coming weeks.  We are always available to assist with any issue you may have.   We thank you all for the continued support and encouragement you provide our office.


Michelle, Dana, Ron, Adam, & Leah


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The fifth cycle of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board Grant Program is now open and accepting applications.

The goal of this grant program is to provide financial assistance to Emergency Communication Districts (ECDs) based on demonstrated need(s) in compliance with §11-98 et seq. of the Code of Alabama 1975, as amended. The purpose is to fund non-recurring costs necessary to achieve or maintain continuity and enhancement of 9-1-1 assuring that every location in Alabama has equitable access to 9-1-1 service.

The application period for Grant Cycle 5 opens on June 30, 2020; applications are due on or before September 1, 2020.  Review of applications will take place during the month of September 2020 and grants will be awarded at the Alabama 9-1-1 Board meeting on November 19, 2020.

The full grant program document is attached below:

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The Office of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board (Board) has been asked to make coronavirus disease 2019 (or abbreviated “COVID-19”)-related resources available to the Emergency Communication Districts (ECDs) and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in Alabama.  This is being provided for information sharing purposes only, so that the decision-makers for local PSAPs can make the appropriate choices for their agencies.  The .pdf below can be downloaded for reference. 

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Holiday Movie Scene ContestWe are holding another holiday contest. This year, your center (or shift) is to choose a scene from a holiday movie and build a representation of it.  The scene must be no larger than a poster board and made from recycled materials.  Your 9-1-1 center must be located in Alabama. Download the rules and entry form below.  It is a fillable pdf.  Just type in your information, save it, and send it back to Michelle.

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With INdigital, we will begin our webinar series again this Friday with Legacy versus NG 911. This is an opportunity for those who have not been through the series or those who might have missed a topic of two during the first series to catch up. Full details are in the attached pdf. 

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The Alabama 9-1-1 Board is seeking proposals from qualified vendors of learning management systems whose proposed solution(s) and services meet the requirements specified in this RFP.  The expectation is that the vendor will deliver a learning management system platform that can deliver service to 911 telecommunicators throughout the State of Alabama or any geographical area therein.  The learning management system should allow the Alabama 911 Board staff the ability to monitor ongoing training and verify user compliance with training and continuing education requirements as established by the Board.

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The Alabama 9-1-1 Board is seeking proposals from qualified vendors of Next Generation 9-1-1 GIS services whose proposed solution(s) and services meet the requirements specified in this RFP.  The expectation is that the vendor will supply a GIS services solution to the State of Alabama or any geographical area within.  This GIS services solution must seamlessly function within the existing NG9-1-1 services platform, the Alabama Next Generation Emergency Network (ANGEN).

The Request for Proposal documents are available for download below.

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Looking for 9-1-1 training opportunities?  The office of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board is excited to announce the sponsorship of multiple training courses over the next several months.  We also want to promote a variety of other training opportunities hosted by other organizations within the 9-1-1 community.  Please see the listings below so you can start planning and get the greatest benefit for you and your agency.  Click on the class title in the "What" column for additional details on each class.

If you have any additional questions please call the Alabama 9-1-1 Board office at (334) 440-7911 or email Dana Grubbs, Program Coordinator, at dana[at]al911board[dot]com or Adam Brown, Deputy Director, at adam[at]al911board[dot]com.  If you are attending training at our offices or in the Montgomery area, we have negotiated a reduced rate with a local hotel.  You can find the details here.

When What Where Who
March 18, 2021 User Training Baldwin County 9-1-1    Robertsdale, AL

Alabama 9-1-1 Board in partnership with INdigital.


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9-1-1 Gingerbread ContestJeanie Pharis from the Morgan County 9-1-1 center came to us with an idea.  We are hosting an online 9-1-1 Gingerbread Contest.  Details are in the attached pdf.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 334-440-7911.

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FY2021 Monthly Distributions

Month Date Monthly Distribution Letter
October Friday, October 16, 2020 2020.10.16 Distribution Letter
November Friday, November 13, 2020 2020.11.13 Distribution Letter
November November, 2020 2020.11.24 Excess Cost Recovery Declaration
December Friday, December 11, 2020 2020.12.11 Distribution Letter
January Friday, January 15, 2021 2021.01.15 Distribution Letter
February Friday, February 12, 2021 2021.02.12 Distribution Letter
March Friday, March 12, 2021 2021.03.12 Distribution Letter
April Friday, April 16, 2021  
May Friday, May 14, 2021  
June Friday, June 11, 2021  
July Friday, July 16, 2021  
August Friday, August 13, 2021  
September Friday, September 17, 2021  


*Monthly distributions are planned for the Friday after the 10th of each month.  If Friday falls on the 10th, the distribution will be planned for the following Friday.  All dates are subject to change.


Distribution Archives


Please contact the office of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board at 334-440-7911 for specific requests regarding distributions.

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The intent of the Awards Program is to provide suitable recognition to superior performance by Telecommunicators throughout the State of Alabama.  These are Agency personnel who exceed the expected norm in job performance as well as other areas that deserve acknowledgement and appreciation.  Personnel who are identified for this program must reflect the highest values in job performance and personal conduct. 

See the PowerPoint presentation attached below for full details of this program.

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ECDs must complete an annual certification form and return it to the Board each year by January 31.  The Board has changed the form for fiscal year 2021.  Executive Director, Leah Missildine held a webinar on December 4, 2020 to walk ECD Directors and their staff through the new form and answer any questions.  The form is available here - ECD Annual Certification FY 2021 - Docuware. The slides from the webinar are below.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 334.440.7911

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Over the last few months, the Board staff has been reviewing ECD-submitted phone bills in an effort to understand what legacy 9-1-1 services are being utilized statewide and how much they are costing ECDs. Based on the information gathered, options for legacy 9-1-1 costs were presented to the Board at the September 2020 Board meeting.  The Board voted to reimburse ECDs for legacy 9-1-1 costs for FY2021.  The Board staff has been working since to establish the reimbursement process.  There are two requirements that must be met before an ECD can ask for reimbursement:  the ECD must be migrated onto the ANGEN network and must be validly formed.  Once those two requirements are met, ECDs shall request reimbursement via the Legacy 9-1-1 Costs Reimbursement Form. Requests should be submitted on a quarterly basis. Requests for less than one quarter will not be accepted. You may submit for more than one quarter but any a request for more than one quarter must submit all three phone bill for each quarter.

You can watch a replay of the webinar presented on October 15, 2020 here.

You can download the presentation slides here.

Service Period Starting Month

If submitted by:

Reimbursement issued on:

October 1-December 31

January 10

January 29

February 10

February 26

March 10

March 31

January 1-March 31

April 10

April 30

May 10

May 28

June 10

June 30

April 1-June 30

July 10

July 30

August 10

August 31

September 10

September 30

July 1-September 30

October 10

October 29

November 10

November 30

December 10

December 30



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August 27, 2015 - The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (Bureau) announces the opening of its Public Safety Support Center (PSSC), a web-based, one-stop portal to enable Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and other Public Safety entities to request support or information from the Bureau and to notify it of problems or issues impacting the provision of emergency services.  

The PSSC is accessible via the Internet at  A principal goal of the Bureau is to ensure consistent and timely support to public safety stakeholders.  The development of the PSSC is the latest step by the Bureau to fulfill this goal.

The PSSC will handle notifications of service outages, complaints related to carrier provision of location information, and register issues or submit inquiries regarding PSAP or Public Safety operations or FCC rules and regulations.  Types of notifications and requests include:

  • 911 Service Outage
  • Phase 1/Phase 2 Deployments
  • E911 Location Accuracy
  • Text-to-911 Service
  • Fraudulent/Non-Service Initialized 911 Calls
  • Request an Update to Master PSAP Registry
  • Interference to Public Safety Services or Devices
  • Tower Lighting Outages

The PSSC is distinct from the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center, which will continue to handle consumer inquiries and complaints, including consumer complaints about access to 911 emergency services.  The PSSC is also distinct from the complaint escalation process and web portal under development by the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.1  Finally, the Commission’s 24-7 Operations Center remains available by telephone at all times for safety-of-life issues.   Requests made to the PSSC will be viewed directly by PSHSB staff in order to expedite notification and resolution.  

Questions regarding this Public Notice may be directed to Timothy May by phone at (202) 418-1463, or by email at Timothy.May[at]fcc[dot]gov.

By the Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau


1 Enforcement Bureau Enhances Procedures for Public Safety and Industry Interference Complaints, Public Notice, 

DA 15-967 (rel. August 27, 2015).

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[] Specifically, for 911 facilities, an outage is considered to exist whenever one of the following conditions exists:

  1. There is a loss of communications to PSAP(s) potentially affecting at least 900,000 user-minutes and: The failure is neither at the PSAP(s) nor on the premises of the PSAP(s); no reroute for all end users was available; and the outage lasts 30 minutes or more; OR
  2. There is a loss of 911 call processing capabilities in one or more E-911 tandems/selective routers for at least 30 minutes duration; OR
  3. One or more [landline] end-office or [cellular] Mobile Switching Center (MSC) switches or host/remote clusters is isolated from 911 service for at least 30 minutes and potentially affects at least 900,000 user-minutes; OR
  4. There is a loss of ANI/ALI (associated name and location information) and/or a failure of location determination equipment, including Phase II equipment, for at least 30 minutes and potentially affecting at least 900,000 user-minutes (provided that the ANI/ALI or location determination equipment was then currently deployed and in use, and the failure is neither at the PSAP(s) or on the premises of the PSAP(s)).
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  • Education & Outreach — Melissa Dove, Jeremy Williams, Fred Johnson
  • Governance — Wayne Hutchens, Tim Webb, Vacancy
  • Finance Robert Smith, Jeremy Williams, Vacancy
  • Technical — John Nettles, Alan Campbell, Brandon Wallace
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