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Official Meeting Notices are posted on the Secretary of State's website to comply with the Alabama Open Meetings Act and you may subscribe to notices there. You may also view notices without subscribing. Search for Alabama 911 Board 

Notices sent via the Board's website are offered as a courtesy to those with an interest in the Board's activities. You will be sent an email when a meeting is created and each time the meeting is edited or updated. This typically occurs when the agenda is added, minutes are posted, a meeting is canceled or moved, or if reference material is added. 

To Receive Notices

To receive email notices please complete this form. You must include your name, company or agency name, and a phone number for account verification.

Your email address will not be shared with others or used for any other purpose.

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9-1-1 Board Meetings

There are no Board or Committee meetings scheduled at this time.

Notices of Board Meetings

Visit this page to learn about receiving email notices of meetings.

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