Wireless Carrier Contacts - Exigent Circumstances

Attached below is the contact information and policy papers made available to the Board. Please submit your information to website[at]al911board[dot]com to have it added. Sprint / Nextel has a detailed document for law enforcement to explain the process to obtain information but it is not published here due to the sensitive nature of the information. Contact Sprint if you would like a copy and have law enforcement credentials.

The Alabama 9-1-1 Board believes this information to be current but carriers may change their numbers or procedures at any time and there is no requirement to notify the Board. 

PDF icon Verizon Wireless & TCS PSAP SOP.pdf167.08 KB
PDF icon Verizon Wireless Exigent Circumstances Form31.42 KB
PDF icon T-Mobile Law Enforcement and PSAP Emergency Contacts30.57 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Sprint - Nextel Contacts & Escalation.doc93 KB
PDF icon Sprint - Nextel 911 Emergency Request Form.pdf31.6 KB
PDF icon Sprint - Nextel Exigent Circumstances Form.pdf55.05 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Sprint - Nextel E911 Exigent Circumstances Directions.doc24.5 KB
PDF icon ATT Contact Info Oct 2015 Rev 8.pdf159.98 KB
PDF icon ATT NCC_24 X 7 contact Dec 2012.pdf220.17 KB
PDF icon ATT Pinging and NCC Info 2013.09.30.pdf85.04 KB
PDF icon AFTER HOURS CONTACT INFO - Rev 10 25 17 efw - CSPIRE.pdf5.59 KB

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